Regarding common sense

I will begin this article with clear articulation on a particularly fuzzy notion that has been tickling my mind recently. I have enjoyed hearing many stories told about the dramatic interplay between “Knowledge and Perception”, throughout my life; of course, these “characters” are often not referenced directly. Nowadays, I think that I recognize the former as “Good” and the latter, “Evil”… Sometimes as, “Right” and “Wrong”… Or even, “Living” and “Dead”… Almost always cast in dialectic roles, and dressed according to the slant of the story with the storyteller’s preferred lingo. Speaking of slanted stories, I wonder if this wandering preamble will lead the reader to the point? I’ll continue as if so… Lately, I’ve been thinking that perceptions are stories, made-up in the vital Human experience of mental speculation on corresponding circuits of perpetual, multi-dimensional rhythmic vibration; and, that this inward circuitousness instantly and eternally engenders simultaneous pluralities of visionary perspectives in the Human imagination. In addition, the apparently natural Human faculties of sense seem to help in attenuating the imagination, from infinite abstract knowledge to fathomable, personal (favorable/preferred) conceptions. Vision, as an expression of inwardness, regards impressions in mind, and observes mental imagery. Concepts are narrated as an expression of natural intelligence; they are descriptions of ideas in which “meaning” is assigned to personal experiences. Human perception, as a necessary rudiment of existential comprehension, ideates concepts regarding impressions of mental imagery; wherein, indefinitely large quantities of subjective material are objectified in the mind (named, listed, stratified and contra-distinguished). The appearance of shift and change, from formless to uniform, and multi-form levels of being, becomes objectified in the imagination and subject to personal perception. The emergence of individual, separate, or personal minds seems to coincide with the workings of natural Human intelligence, as the mind communicates to, and between, it’s many internal aspects.
I have puzzled on the mysteries of being since I was a young boy of about 9yrs old. At this time in my life, (during and following a revelatory vision) I experienced an expansion of my awareness and corresponding shift of my attention, as my young mind held the image of an endless time/space relationship, along with an intuition about the speed of light. I glimpsed the unity of all existence, for an instant in my imagination; and, unable to articulate this knowledge, the paradoxical impression has lingered in my mind, as a call to mystery and deeper understandings of nature and the reality behind concepts. After this momentary glimpse at the connection of all things, I have felt a sublime confidence regarding the mysteries in life. I realized that each Human understands the character of reality in a particular way, according to the frequency of their personal inner light, and according to the individual refraction therein, of that specific bandwidth. I knew that to understand more of the variety of ideas held by people, that the common source of the scattered spectrum of thought could be imagined. What a unifying, and satisfying revelation of safety! I began to think that some folks understood this, and some did not; yet, everyone who I knew, desired to be part of something bigger than themselves. It looked to me like people were willing to stretch their perceptions, beyond reason at times, in order to meet this goal. It is, as if, the need to feel united in humanity, is powerful enough in some humans to cause a spiritual revolution. If the revolution is accepted, the human imagines a new, integrated model of reality (unity). If the revolution is not accepted, chaos becomes the balancing platform for teetering, wobbly, disjointed connections among the imaginary, fractured terminals of Humanity. The best that can be done, in this case, is to paradoxically contrive an arrogant system of self-centered “common sense”.
This is relevant to feeling safe; in that some common sense or a status quo can at least be imagined by communities of folks who, of necessity, have chosen to agree with a system of thought and it’s respective symbology.
If the thought system used by the living Human population is the EFFECT of physical division, mental disconnection, and spiritual separation, then the associated discomforts and annoyances could be relieved by unifying those elements and reshaping the thought system. This unity would require fantastically creative, authentic collaborations between groups of self- directed, and extremely well developed Humans. Today these people may be acting as if open communication were frighteningly inconvenient; and therefore, currently find it impossible to imagine the idea as tasteful. Even still, their minds may change to suit the opportunity, if the dream of unity is clearly seen as the highest ideal.
However, if the predominant thought system used by the living Human population is the CAUSE of (or, of feelings of) separation, division and disconnection, then the domain of thought is the direction to turn calm attention toward; to learn about the present global condition of, and attend to providing relief from, MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL DISTRESS; while incorporating the essential, healthy actions of loving kindness and spiritual compassion into the current of Human understanding.
In a nutshell, the popular THOUGHT SYSTEM is the foundation of personality (“personality” being superstitious to individuality), the simple root of HUMAN ERROR, and the fundamental source of all perceived CONFLICT. The internal drive to know the peace of certainty, seems to fuel this struggle. Regarding common “sins” is normal and acceptable to a great number of folks, who have built a dream upon the shifty sands of (make-believe) perception. “Common sense” seems to be, at best, complimentary intuition; which, to a lonely, isolated dreamer, may appear to be the peak of congregation.
Truth, faith, beliefs, certain choices and many other ideas can be set up to act as an imaginary homing system, designed to accompany a wandering mind back to its source. These ideas, being tools of “perception”, are only important on the return trip to spiritual integrity (or, rather, knowledge); as once unity is experienced, perceptions become passé, being no longer necessary to convince the mind of its own meaning, purpose, and underlying reality.



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