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Turn on the blacklightIn a previous article, written for a little community zine, I shared some personal insight and played around with the folky saying,”fake it till you make it”. A simply pointed instruction, however cryptic the variety of interpretations may seem to indicate. This current writing suggests, although quite different in form and style, the same subtle content from the “made via faking” article. Thankfully, during the process of rearranging the brainstorm notes and composing a rough draft, the purified distillations poured easily into new forms. As water can fill the impressions on an ancient stone tablet, meaning filled these words untill they seemed obviously saturated, but still too dry to read without eye drops… And now, after having reconditioned most of the text with as much “kind veggie gravy” as needed, to articulate (without drowning) the point, the edit can be best noticed in the change of the title, from “Truth is WORTH valuing”, to:

“Sermon from the center of the HOLOGRAM”

Thank you for reading. The moral of this story is, IT IS WORTH IT. This in advance, and not to expose the cheapness of the next couple of paragraphs; instead, to discharge any ingenious-yet-distracting, early conclusions. Which brings us to the subject of this article; the EMOTIONAL NEED for fidelity to premises. That is, attatching conditions to the acceptance of outcomes and expecting PARTICULAR FORMS (rather than universal qualities) to satisfy demanding imaginings of entitlement. A note here, to the authoritative tone of this article… I chose to ink this material in a rather believe-it-or-not kind of mood. As the content of this writing is intended to point toward (what I call) FORGIVENESS, I need to request that the reader be advised, in advance, that my intention in presenting this idea is to offer another view into the holographic matrix of relationship. The statements and declarations of this article are but forms that seemed to hold the intended content, according to George Pond, at the time that the words were written. These words, inspired through internal reflection and various modes of induction, are still but words from an interested layman; with that disclaimer, my suggestion will now follow. I have heard myself declare, more than once, that the Human Mind seems determined to “make-up STORIES” about everything, concealing the QUIET, natural MEANING of everything with the use of an incredibly convincing arrangement of conventional symbols. In other words, personal OPINIONS declaring the VALUE of everything and anything, even the invisible Human aspects, become the fancied fashions of Mankind. The gross and grandiose garments of garbled guesswork; wordy threads of anxiety spun like scratchy wool then tailored in error and BELIEVED to actually be where, when, and what they are said to be.
Perhaps it was one of my ancient relatives that coined the new slang-saying, “gotta be vague to be vogue”, or could I be faking my role as a homemade storyteller? Maybe so, and even still, habitually referring to and imagining concepts that RESPECTFULLY treat the collective wholeness of Humanity has been my personal key to maintaining feelings of safety and freedom. Occasionally, to satisfy my own longing for renewed understanding, I practice noticing the clear, quiet punctuation of my often overproduced storyline. The spaces between words, the pauses between thoughts, the articulation of rest notes in musical phrases; the content of these gaps is a fountainhead of relative refreshment. When I say- repose, reset, cleanse the palette, reboot the program, forgive the trespassers, and erase the mental chalkboard notes- these are all symbols I use to approach reforming integrity after disfiguring reality to fit inside the conceptual restrictions of the Human dialogue. Honoring the rough draft with patience, and approaching the edit with artful curiosity helps in the excavation of half-buried kernels of meaning. To VALUE what is often called, “the CORRECTION OF OUR OWN MISTAKES” (what I now call, “FORGIVENESS”) is to know that clarity, connection, and inner peace are worth the effort required to REFINE PERSONAL EXPRESSIONS IN ORDER TO REFLECT (a wholesome, healthy, authentic…) CONSENSUAL REALITY. Now, THIS, is a spiritual opportunity. ANY incongruences, INTENTIONAL OR ACCIDENTAL, between the truth and what IS THOUGHT, SPOKEN OR ACTED ON, cause confusion and imply disconnection. DISCONNECTION AND CONFUSION are internal sensations (feelings) that arise from inaccurate INTERPRETATION of perception. “The ACT OF CONDEMNING” (or expressing disapproval of) ideas, things, experiences or people from ANY scale of values that depend on our (SEPARATE & PERSONAL) tastes (likes and dislikes, pleasures, preferences…), is “a TRAGIC expression of unmet needs”. A TRAGIC expression, is an EXPRESSION characterized by distress, while an HONEST expression will reflect the affirmation of life.
The essentially mysterious nature that fills all forms is what I call spirit, and I will note the oxymoronic idea of naming an invisible idea which, in essence, must exist as, “the pre-cognitive and absolute intention extant in experience and regardless of appellative denomination”. Or, “that which is before words”. Again, I am describing what I call spirit, the eternal spirit, spirit of unity, the common denominator, the link that connects every Human, and the idea that the word HUMANKIND represents.
In pledging allegiance to the united spirit of awareness, and to the infinite creative freedom for which it stands, i accept life. As it is right NOW, I humbly and thankfully recieve this brand new, yet quite well worn Human Spirit. In appreciation, I am sharing what helps me to feel good, right now. It has been worth it all along, even when I occasionally forget; Which I think is a fairly common experience. The word, “memory”, being a symbol whose sound is commonly memorized and even pronounced. This idea of “memory” is often referred to as if it came in two flavors, and both in reverse. (After all of this fuss, I forget what it actually means) Now, for the reader who is still following along, congradulations is due for your persistence. I will continue now with another insightful anecdote!
A long time ago, one far removed cousin of mine noticed that he had confused his identity with an amazingly realistic set of MENTAL CONCEPTIONS, rather than with the unspoken essence of his LIFE. Let’s look closer at this scenario. Nowadays, I describe a concept as a symbolic reference to certain mental imagery in combinations with symbolic descriptions of situational impressions. Accordingly, Human beings must agree with the decision of which symbol will represent which idea. Then, in sequence, groups of symbols are arranged and expressed to treat multi-dimentional IDEAS, for the purpose of efficiently communicating THOUGHT. Many folks have described the fascinating complexity of conceptual mental imagery as enchanting. Oddly or not, even I have distracted myself by clinging to vivid conceptual daydreams. Certain concepts allude to a permanent guarantee of attractive situational outcomes, however, these are still abstract ideas (based on past assumptions and agreements), and mere timely ephemera. To read or say, “eating a sandwich”, is to articulate an abstract idea. Regardless of any emphasis, this expression is not equal in nutrition to actually eating a sandwich… Emphatic variation simply treats the conceptual sandwich to a preferred garnish.
Now I will remind the reader that IT is all a big guess. Even though I have implied some agreements and arbitrary measures that I think are commonly assumed and popularly used in favor of brevity, this article is riddled with, what I call, classic Human inconsistencies. Typical to casual conversation, there are enough guesses embedded in this canon of speculation to overrule any absolute certainty of meaning. Personally, I choose to interpret this ordinary grammatical fact as if it were a metaphorical wishbone, plucked with joy from the remains of the Thanksgiving turkey, and snapped into the mystic divining bones of dialectic balance.
At this point in the run-on-sentence-marathon that this article has become, the reader is urged to recall the prudent lesson of this story; “it is worth it”. **Please note the mindfully grammatical arrangement of symbols** Also remember that reactionary thought is limited in perspective, and inclines to be expressed in (under-developed) inconsiderate and habitual phrasing; regarding and defending symbolic CONCEPTS of PERSONAL IMPORTANCE above all else. The quite accidental, yet arrogant identification with this hubris, is the cause of fantastic egotistical conceits and vain posturings, expressed in reaction to the mistaken perception of differing personal needs. Whoops, …and ouch! This is an OBVIOUS authority problem. The answer may very well be simple too, maybe even as singularly simple as sitting in silent repose and directing the attention to the breath. Again, this is a spiritual opportunity. When we (Humans) KNOW that both our identity and our experiences are neither superior nor inferior to the identity and experiences of other Humans, then and ONLY THEN can we perceive the PERMANENT safety of our personal status or TRUE VALUE. Then, WE will know that ALL Human beings can remain vital and free from pesky cultured limitations. In some circles, the evolution of conscious awareness is turning more compassionate attention than ever to the subtle Human interior (ie. mind, emotions, thought systems, empathy, spiritual insights, etc). Along with this movement comes an opportunity to resurface the Human Life situation with expanded awareness and an improved ability to articulate, again, any previously missed marks.

My suggestion is to PRACTICE RECOVERING the content of the Human expression…
…It is worth it! TRUTH, that is, is worth valuing.



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