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Burning Man 2009 “Evolution”

May 22, 2009

It is interesting to contemplate a tangled bank, clothed with many plants of many kinds, with birds singing on the bushes, with various insects flitting about, and with worms crawling through the damp earth, and to reflect that these elaborately constructed forms, so different from each other, and dependent upon each other in so complex a manner, have all been produced by laws acting around us. These laws, taken in the largest sense, being Growth with Reproduction; Inheritance which is almost implied by reproduction; Variability from the indirect and direct action of the conditions of life: a Ratio of Increase so high as to lead to a Struggle for Life, and as a consequence to Natural Selection… There is grandeur in this view of life, with its several powers… and that, while this planet has gone cycling on according to the fixed laws of gravity, from so simple a beginning endless forms most beautiful and wonderful have been and are being evolved.
— Charles Darwin, The Origin of Species

burnin' mon

burnin' mon

Nature never made a plan, nor does it seem to copy very well. No living thing is ever quite the same as others of its kind. Charles Darwin called this Natural Variation. There is a kind of subtle chaos, a supple element of chance and change, residing at the core of living things. We’ve learned that DNA, the code that programs life, is subject to continual mutation. This enables generations to evolve within a changing world. This year’s art theme contemplates the power and the meaning of the process we call evolution.


the Shape is here.

May 19, 2009
the shape is back!

the shape is back!

brushwood folklore center and the OUR Fest

May 19, 2009

Brushwood Folklore Center

Brushwood Folklore Center L.L.C. is a campground, festival and seminar facility located in Sherman, New York (a town in Western New York State). This family-run spiritual center hosts a number of well-known Neo-Pagan events and runs programs of its own. Owned by Frank and Darlene Barney, the campground is on 180 acres (0.73 km2) developed with several permanent structures.

Notable features of the campground include an indoor seminar space, the Roundhouse (a fire circle openwork structure reserved for all-night drumming), the DidgeDome (a wooden skeletal dome reserved for didgeridoo and small drum music), a candle labyrinth, an outdoor Neo-Druidic temple called the Nemeton, a playground area, and a pond with an island in the center called Brushfire Island. There are several wooden pavilions (some with stages and power), a food court, and a poolhouse with pool, hot tub and showers. It is a clothing optional facility, and skyclad participants are common.

Brushwood has hosted the Starwood Festival since 1990, and has hosted the Church of the SubGenius X-Day and the Ar nDraiocht Fein Wellspring Gathering festivals (run by Stone Creed Grove) since their inception. The World Magic Festival, created by Jeff McBride, was held there both years it ran[1][2], and several smaller Neo-Pagan community events including Opening Inner Doorways, The Thing in the Woods, Craftwise Pagan Gathering, Lumensgate and Heartsong have been held there. It has also had primarily musical events such as the O.U.R. Music Festival, Strange Days, and the SpiritDrum Festival.

The primary event created by Brushwood is Sirius Rising[3], a Neo-Pagan festival held the week before the Starwood Festival in July. Sirius Rising features classes on nature spirituality topics and arts and crafts, and provides live musical entertainment in the evenings.

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Thing in the Woods

Brushwood website
Starwood Festival website
O.U.R. Music Festival website

Snake Oil Medicine Show live music download

May 18, 2009

at the time that i posted this, we had about 347,343 downloads of this show!!

go ahead: GET YOU S.O.M.S.!!!

Audio Archive > Live Music Archive > Snake Oil Medicine Show > Snake Oil Medicine Show Live at Bishop’s Cafe on 2004-11-13
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Snake Oil Medicine ShowSnake Oil Medicine Show Live at Bishop’s Cafe on 2004-11-13 (November 13, 2004)

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Collection: : SnakeOilMedicineShow
Band/Artist: Snake Oil Medicine Show
Date: November 13, 2004 (check for other copies)
Venue: Bishop’s Cafe
Location: Vashon Island, WA

Source: SBD Matrix (AKG ?) > V3 > P1 > HHB830
Taped by: Stan Orlowski
Transferred by: StanO
Keywords: Live concert

Set 1
Too Much Coffee
Optimist Song
Golden Hour
Is it True
Bahamian Love
Moon Cha Cha
Help Somebody
Say You Love Me Too
Burying Ground
Set Pon De Corner
Cutting Razor
The Lotus Queen

Set 2
Dance Instead
Blue Grass TafarI
Ways of the World
Kubla Khan
Really Reel
Do It Twice
Abbot Von Meter -?-
Dream Sequence 23
Halleluiah Time
Cajun Lip Balm
Road To Tahoe

Subject: Setlist correction and show review
I’d give it a 4 1/2 if I could. An awesome representation of the barely controlled chaos that is a Snake Oil Medicine Show experience. Swirling rainbows of trippy Bluegrass TafarI.

You can’t help but smile, feel love in your heart and you postively have to dance when you listen to SOMS. This show has everything you’d expect from a late 2004 SOMS show and mostly decent sound (the real reason for the 4 1/2 star comment.) Open you mind up to SOMS, you won’t be sorry!

Mics for Set 1 located in front of banjo, Set 2 mics moved to center stage.

Kubla Khan is a poem sung to the song ‘Redwing’.

the “other” Pond Brothers

May 18, 2009

May 18, 2009

FdL County’s Pond siblings carve niche in U.S. history

By Justin Connaher

Though long deceased, James B. Pond and his brother George F. Pond possess an unrivaled distinction in Fond du Lac County history.

In the 232 years of America’s existence, the Civil War-era duo remains among only seven sets of siblings to have received the Medal of Honor.

“This is the highest award given by our country for valor in combat action,” said Marcus Oksa, commander of American Legion Post 75 in Fond du Lac. “The rarity of the Medal of Honor is profound. There have been some 3,448 recipients in all time … and only 97 of those (recipients) are currently living.”

In the week leading to Memorial Day, The Reporter has undertaken a multi-media project that recounts the lives of two of the area’s most-heroic — but little-known — figures.

Called “Brothers in Arms,” the six-part package will feature a daily online documentary exploring the lives and challenges faced by the Pond brothers of Alto. In addition, the newspaper will offer insights into a story so extraordinary that, if offered to a Hollywood producer, might be rejected as too sensational to be real.

In his lifetime, for instance, James Pond struggled as an indentured servant; became a journalist at age 15; rode saddle-to-saddle with famed abolitionist John Brown; fought off some 600 Confederate raiders nearly single-handedly; and became one of the country’s best-networked socialites.

“He was the pre-eminent talent agent in the country (during his life after the war),” noted Bob Schuster, Wisconsin historian and administrator-emeritus for the University of Wisconsin-Madison. “His regular clients included Mark Twain, (Ralph Waldo) Emerson, Walt Whitman, Robert Louis Stevenson, musicians, explorers, scientists. Pond knew virtually every celebrity in the country.”

Like many American heroes who paid a high price on fields of battle, the Pond brothers are not often highlighted in history textbooks. But for those who know the entire story, their contributions to the country — during the nation’s greatest crisis — still resonate.

“Obviously, these two were really exceptional,” said Allen Buechel, Fond du Lac County executive. “We always think of people that served in the Civil War as being from the other states where the action actually took place, but we had a lot of heroes from Fond du Lac County and I’m proud of all them.

“These were two of the finest young men to come out of Fond du Lac County. It’s a certain source of pride for me.”

Humble beginnings

Because James Pond ended his life possessing the kind of notoriety that would make him a media celebrity in contemporary America, it’s easy to overlook the bare-knuckle poverty that plagued his youth.

In 1847, during an effort to establish their own farm, the Pond family — 10 in all — made the trip from Waukegan, Ill., to Alto, Wis., the old-fashioned way — they walked, pulling a single wagon with them. Family patriarch Willard Pond made the trip by foot twice — bringing his wife, youngest children, pigs and cows in the first leg, and then backtracking to fetch the older sons. It was 132 miles each way.

“It probably made a pretty interesting parade,” Schuster mused.

The historian added that “it was a mystery for a long time as to why Willard looked in the Fond du Lac County area,” but records indicate he was able to buy land from a sister who had acquired property in Alto.

The Pond brothers’ childhood was not easy. Their father rented the boys out to neighboring farms for physical labor and collected their wages. “That was not uncommon,” noted Wisconsin Historian Kevin Dier-Zimmel of Beaver Dam. “It’s just the way it was.”

“James, in his memoirs, was concerned that he would be sold into servitude, never to see his mother again,” Schuster said. “(Faced with the prospect of indentured service until the age of 21), James left home by the age of 15 and made his own life.

“He forever held his father guilty of this kind of behavior.”

As trying as his youth was, Pond’s greatest challenges still awaited him.

COMING TUESDAY: As the country tears itself apart, the Pond brothers take up the cause of abolition.

Additional Facts
Visit to view a video history of the Pond brothers, the only siblings in Fond du Lac County history to garner the Medal of Honor.

TODAY: Yankee servitude

TUESDAY: War is brewing

WEDNESDAY: Massacre at Baxter Springs

THURSDAY: Nightmares

FRIDAY: Parting of the ways

SUNDAY: Heroic legacy
Coming Sunday: 2009 Memorial Day Salute special section

hendo family photo

May 7, 2009

Geo, Orion, Mel, Jen

the Kids!

the Kids!

some pickin’ friends!

May 7, 2009

an whole heap ‘a Overtaker dem!

May 6, 2009

this one features Andy Pond…..

another likle clip of: the Overtakers

May 6, 2009