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February 26, 2009
Pass it around, friends!

Pass it around, friends!


WNCW Top 100 of 2008

February 26, 2009

The radio station WNCW, has a set of list’s each year for the Top 100 Artists, in different categories.
Snake Oil Medicine Show has been included on that list with each new release, over the past 10+ years….
This year in the Top 100 “Regional” Artists,
…I am happy to announce, that
the Pond Brothers “self titled” CD, the Andy Pond CX-1 CD, and the George Pond “mcE=MCsquared” CD
, ALL (3) CAME IN THE TOP 30!!

THANKS to the listeners, as well as to the fine crew down at the station!
Thanks to Martin Anderson, espescially…..
love, geo

p.s. it looks like this:
Top 30 Regional

Rank CD

1 Avett Brothers-The Second Gleam
2 Tyler Ramsey – A Long Dream About Swimming Across the Sea
3 Malcolm Holcombe – Gamblin’ House
4 Toubab Krewe – Live at the Orange Peel
5 Chuck Brodsky – Two Sets
6 Trainwreks- Ready to Die
7 Shane Pruitt Band- Shane Pruitt Band
8 Nikki Talley- To Be A Bird
9 Valorie Miller- Autumn Eyes
10 Josh Phillips Folk Festival- Wicker
11 Free Planet Radio- The Unraveling
12 Mad Tea Party- Found a Reason
13 Charles Hedgepath- Instruments of Peace
14 Brian McGee and the Hollow Speed-Brian McGee and the Hollow Speed
15 Jazz the Ripper- Funky and Fresh
16 Galen Kipar Project – Paper Sailer
17 Hope Massive- Itany
18 David Earl and the Plowshares- Local Anesthesia
19 Don Dixon and the Jump Rabbits- The Nu-Look
20 Jonathan Scales- Plot/Scheme
21 Aaron Burdett- Resolve
22 Pond Brothers- Pond Brothers
23 J. Scott Hinkle- Blueridge Martini
24 Arizona- Glowing Bird
25 Turbo Pro Project- Daydream
26 Scoot Pittman- (Sooner or Later, These Will Be) Smash Hits vol. 1
27 Dana and Susan Robinson- Round My Door
28 Paco Shipp- One in a Million
29 Andy Pond- Andy Pond
30 George Pond-Warpexter Cosmoverse

the Official George Pond Performance Schedule Update:

February 24, 2009

       March 26, 2009 10:00pm- (The POND BROTHERS)
         @ the Emerald Lounge
           in ASHEVILLE, NC

Andy and George Pond live in concert

Andy and George Pond live in concert

      March 28th, 2009 [set time TBA] *(mcE=MCsquared DJ set)
          The 1 year Anniversary of SILVER MACHINE
          @ the Garage at Biltmore, Asheville, NC
                 *the cryptic poster file for this show:

see? please read all of the fine print.

see? please read all of the fine print.

        April, 10 2009 10:00 PM – SNAKE OIL MEDICINE SHOW
          Rocket Club in West Asheville,
         ASHEVILLE, North Carolina –

*come to see this show!!

*come to see this show!!


        April, 11 2009 08:00 PM -S.O.M.S.
          Where We Live Festival,  Bolivia, North Carolina –


        April, 24 2009 08:00 PM –   Snake Oil Medicine Show
            The Five Spot in Little 5 Points
                    Atlanta, Georgia –


        April, 25 2009 08:00 PM – SOMS @The Dragonfly Theatre
        Boone, North Carolina –


        May, 1 2009 08:00 PM – SOMS @ French Broad River Fest
         Hot Springs, North Carolina –

        May, 2 2009 08:00 PM – French Broad River Fest with Snake Oil,
        Hot Springs, North Carolina –


        May, 16 2009 08:00 PM – Montford Arts Festival
         with Snake Oil Medicine Show,
         Hot Springs, North Carolina –

          ~the N.E. Terry Torry Toury 2009
               W/Snake Oil Medicine Show Acoustic Trio~
            (feat. Caroline, George, and Andy Pond,
                 with Art Show by Nicole Potter)

        May, 29 2009 08:00 PM – Foundry Hall,
        South Haven, Michigan – 10.00


        May, 30 2009 12:00 PM – South Haven Farmers Market,
        South Haven, Michigan –
           during the day time…
         come listen and go shopping
         for local produce from local farmers…


        May, 30 2009 08:00 PM – Bell’s Brewery,
         Kalamazoo, Michigan –


        May, 31 2009 08:00 PM – Ryan’s BBQ Party,
        Kalamazoo, Michigan –
              If you are up in that area
             and you need info email us about it. thanks


        June, 4 2009 08:00 PM – Hickey Tavern,
        Allegheny, New York –

        June, 5 2009 08:00 PM – OUR Festival,
        Sherman, New York –

        June, 6 2009 08:00 PM – OUR Festival,
         Sherman, New York –


         June, 7 2009 08:00 PM – Purple Fiddle,
         21 East Avenue, Thomas, West Virginia –


as well as right here, ‘pon dis ‘ere blog..


more images from CHNY 09 in Negril,JA,WI

February 18, 2009

heres some donation drive bizness




good news/bad news -a mouthfull!!

February 15, 2009


February 15, 2009

Today is Sunday, the 15th Feb. 2009 i am resting at home today, after two fun and productive music sessions at the Cardine’s house. big pickin fun with the Pond Brothers and Billy Cardine from the Biscuit Burners. He plays the Dobro, and is a mash-up engineer, and all-around great buddy! thanks to mary and body as well!!! the url that will link you to the Pond Brothers’es web-locale is: So, the PB’s are Andy and George Pond. Our other brother, Casey, is just back on the mainland after a turn about the Hawaiian Island Reigion. We are glad to welcome he, and Nancee, back to the terra firma…. with this “welcome back” video:

(the Ruseas High School Choir 2008, competing for the gold, singing “movin’ on up” and
dancing the new dance “the Andy Pond Dance”  as choreographed by, Susanna “Tia” Brooks
-the original identifier of fashions new, and crazes unknown- from Jamaica, Tia is an Overtaker”
…and now is a good time to big up the OVERTAKERS [JAMAICAN ROOTS MUSIC]
check their site thru the use of this url:

much love to melmacpink, jennifire, orion, haste, banj, scary lion, nico, beefy, the foil….
all a y’all~ ya don kno….

check this stack~

February 14, 2009

‘Tanks, Dreamspider!! nice images…

February 9, 2009


likle mo pics

February 9, 2009


back in the USA

February 2, 2009


likkle more, see?   sweet nanny goat a gwan run dem belly.