Yes! Let the News begin to FLASH~

Today is the first real day of my blog’s life…  so, i am going to do the typing, and see

if i can post a load of fun pics, tunes, and flix here.

I really, REALLY, hope that y’all enjoy.

on a daily tip,  things are very nice.

I have been enjoying my triple header practice routine lately, the three heads are:

-Eef Off, my upright bass

-the Gibson, my moms acoustic guitar

-the likle bass, my cello (now tuned in 4ths, EADG)

Thanks to Caroline Pond for helping me start this blog. I will rock this thing, you’ll see!

much love and light to all of the people on the planet….



3 Responses to “Yes! Let the News begin to FLASH~”

  1. Ukulele Rockstar Says:

    Welcome to the blogosphere! I gotcha linked.

    So glad we’ve gotten to hang out in the real world lately.

    See you all of a sudden.


  2. carolinepond Says:

    i love your blog. you rock georgie

  3. jeremy Says:


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