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Wha’a Gwaa’n? Snakes in JAMAICA

January 22, 2009

snakes1The Snake Oil Medicine Show will once again be a part of the Chinese New Year Celebration, in Jamaica.  We leave by plane on Sat.!!

so, like, YEE HAW!!!

check the site for more info:

stay tuned as i will post more and more often…..

much love~

love, geo


Lazoom Tours of Asheville

January 14, 2009

Woody Wood and I were playing music while Babs was leading the Comedy Tour of Asheville on the Lazoom Bus.  Meanwhile Thomas was driving the bus, and Jim was all over town as many charachters!

quite fun

It is the Winter, on Thursday around noon.

January 8, 2009

Hey~ i think that this next bit qualifies as a newsflash:

Caroline, George and Andy Pond, a.k.a. the Pond Farm Pickers, a.k.a. Snake Oil Medicine Show

We were having a little pick session, and Caroline caught some of it on film.  i think a bit of

editing later, she posted this next clip on her blog today!  check it, very fun~

preheated my oven to 2009

January 7, 2009

its the future now, in 2009 ad.

by that, i mean, it is a very  “futuristic” world today…

this blog is one fin e example… im going to link y’all up with all sorts of media thru this page, so keep me linked!

this recent video was produced by Caroline Pond, from the Snake Oil Medicine Show.

on monday jan 4th!!

cheers folks


The Intro

January 4, 2009

I am going to be blogging here, so stay tuned. 2009 News flashes will be streaming soon.  

Delivering Fresh Flowers to you Daily

Delivering Fresh Flowers to you Daily

Yes! Let the News begin to FLASH~

January 4, 2009

Today is the first real day of my blog’s life…  so, i am going to do the typing, and see

if i can post a load of fun pics, tunes, and flix here.

I really, REALLY, hope that y’all enjoy.

on a daily tip,  things are very nice.

I have been enjoying my triple header practice routine lately, the three heads are:

-Eef Off, my upright bass

-the Gibson, my moms acoustic guitar

-the likle bass, my cello (now tuned in 4ths, EADG)

Thanks to Caroline Pond for helping me start this blog. I will rock this thing, you’ll see!

much love and light to all of the people on the planet….